Basil Frittata

Monday night had an even harder frost than Sunday night, and my basil plant finally gave up the ghost. I suppose I should have covered it, but it was going anyway, so I wasn’t too distressed. In retrospect, though, I probably should have checked to see if basil is a perennial or annual. If the former, I could have brought it inside for the night

Poor dying basil plant

I pulled off all the still-good leaves (about 2 cups worth altogether), sauteed them up with a bit of olive oil, and add a scrambled egg to make a basil frittata. Warning: you need to really like basil  to enjoy this!

Added the egg, covered and cooked on med-low heat until cooked through.
Sauteeing basil leaves

Basil’s a lot like chard or kale in that you need to cook it longer than, say, spinach, or else it’s pretty tough.

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