House Party!

As previously mentioned, both Ian and I recently received our final occupancy permits for our houses.  It could never have happened without the help of our friends and neighbors, so as a thank you to them, we threw a party this weekend. It was very successful by rural standards — nearly 30 people!

It was a pretty standard barbecue of hot dogs, burgers, and side dishes. But to make things fun, I decided to decorate in a  “Construction” theme.  I have a few pics below, although the first one — which was supposed to show the overall decor — turned out poorly. I’m looking around to see if anyone else had a better one.

Anyway, some of the things I did:

  • Tarp “tablecloth”
  • Saw horse table
  • Fuseboxes filled with watermelon slices and pitas
  • Paint trays of deviled eggs, brownies
  • PVC bowls of hummus, olives, pickles, and dips
  • Cement mixer filled with ice and soft drinks
  • Hardhats (lined with gallon ziplock bags) used as bowls for baked beans, pasta, and potato salad
  • Home Depot 5 gallon bucket, lined with mylar and filled with Sangria
  • Caution tape streamers

Overall, everyone seemed to be pretty amused by it, and I thought it turned out well.

The decorated dining room – a terrible pic, so I’ll try to find a better one from one of the attendees
Sawhorse table, sink filled with burger and hot dog buns
Containers made from PVC pipe, fuse boxes, paint trays, hardhats, and a wire sculpture centerpiece
Cement mixer filled with soft drinks and ice
Home Depot bucket, with a mylar liner..
… filled with Sangria!

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